Building the future begins with YOUR child...

Kindergartener woman with children playing a game

Welcome to Wonder Years, an Early Childhood program that is dedicated to your child and you!

As a State Licensed center, we provide a nurturing and safe environment for your child to learn and be stimulated with hands-on experiences in an educationally enriched atmosphere. With a degreed staff, our classroom setting promotes social interactions, fine and gross motor growth, and emotional and intellectual development. Wonder Years strives to create a childhood adventure each and every day for your child. You’ll be amazed at how much your small wonder teaches you in the days to come.

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“The staff at Wonder Years is fantastic! They have provided our daughter with a caring and fun learning environment. She loves going to school every day to see her friends and teachers. Wonder Years does an excellent job of incorporating their planned curriculum into fun activities for the kids. I am always amazed when she comes home with new information to share!”

J.B. mother of Chloe, age 2

“We have been a Wonder Years family for seven years now and can’t imagine ever seeking care for my children anywhere else. Since they were infants, my daughters have flourished from to the loving, attentive, consistent care they’ve received at Wonder Years. Ms. Tracey is hands on, very organized and always available if I have a question or concern. Under her direction, I feel reassured that my children are in a caring, safe environment. The teachers truly have loved my children like their own and have guided my own parenting journey in many ways. I am constantly amazed by the new skills and abilities they teach my children every day and how much fun they have doing it. We always have something exciting to look forward to on the calendar and Summer Camp is especially exciting for my oldest daughter who is now school age. I really feel like the Wonder Years team is always there for me and my children and would recommend it to any other parent seeking top notch care for their children.”

Penny V.