About Our Child Care & Afterschool Programs

Our Philosophy

Wonder Years is a program designed and dedicated to giving each child a warm, loving environment that promotes successful learning. By furnishing a secure, nurturing, and educationally enriched atmosphere we intend to keep each child stimulated, motivated and eager to learn. Special attention is placed on social interactions, physical growth, and emotional and intellectual development.

The importance of providing a well-rounded program gives each child the opportunity and personal support needed to succeed. Our teachers strive to create a learning environment that both challenges and captures the interest of each child through active play, exploration, hands-on activities, and self-discovery

Our Staff

We are building the future and it begins with your child. Therefore our goal is to create a place where all children can feel safe, loved, and proud of their successes. Having a well-prepared classroom encourages and aids in building the necessary foundation required for early learners.

Owner and Director

Mrs. Tracey

Tracey is a recognized business owner in the O’Fallon community with over twenty five years of experience in Early Childhood Education. She has lived in O’Fallon since graduating from the University of Missouri – Columbia in 1996 with a degree in Early Childhood Education and Family Studies. Her experience encompasses working directly in the classroom, administration along with owning her own childcare facility, Wonder Years. She was elected by her peers in the Early Childhood field to advocate for the State of Missouri on the Rules and Regulations Committee in 2009. Wonder Years has also been awarded readers polls for the best childcare facility in O’Fallon.