L.E.A.P. Preschool Program

Parents Day Out

9:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.

3-5 year olds

Our L.E.A.P. Preschool Program is designed to prepare children for entrance to Kindergarten in a fun, hands-on way. The goal of this program is to introduce children to the fundamentals of being in school. We introduce children to the classroom environment in a fun, interactive way. This program places much emphasis on helping the children learn to cope being away from parents, following a structured routine, and working in small groups of peers.

Throughout the day, children in our L.E.A.P. Preschool Program learn about letters, numbers, shapes, and more through fun weekly themes. Children participate in Language and Literacy, Math, Science, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Music and Movement, and Art Activities each day with our degreed teachers.

At the end of each day our teachers send home a daily communication sheet with each child. These sheets serve as a communication link between home and school to let families know what activities the children participated in each day. Our teachers also send home monthly newsletters and school calendars to keep you informed on school events.

In the fall and spring our teachers hold Parent Teacher Conferences to discuss each child’s developmental progress towards Kindergarten readiness. During this time parents and teachers sit down and look at our Developmental Assessment Cards and Student Portfolios.